About the project

International Kaleidoscope.

Different voices on International Law

International Kaleidoscope is formed of different points of view, but only one leitmotiv: the generation of an updated forum of reflection and analysis on International Law.

Recent case law, doctrine, relevant news, amongst others, will be the starting point of this continuous analysis.

The International Kaleidoscope team invites all of you to participate in the project. To comment and to criticize.

International Kaleidoscope is formed of and depends on different voices. Be one of them.


The International Kaleidoscope team


Carla Gomes Horner Hoe (São Paulo, Brazil, 1983)

Who am I? I’m just another human being interested in human rights, international law, humanitarian law, international criminal law, reading, watching movies, travelling, talking, debating, my friends and my family, but not necessarily in this particular order!

I went to law school in São Paulo, Brazil, and since the early years of law school I worked with corporate law. However, my true passion is and has always been international law and human rights. I find it extremely interesting, to say the least, how the humankind can be so good and so cruel at the same time. How international politics and international relations are so present and so constant in our daily lives. So my friend and I came up with this idea, which I like to think more as a project, of debating and discussing relevant international law issues. Case law, news, movies, articles, case notes, all of them are more than welcome in this space. We hope you can all jump into this idea and make your contributions. We are open to new ideas, suggestions and criticism!

Carla Gomes Horner Hoe is a Brazilian lawyer. She graduated from law school in 2005 in Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – SP. In 2007 she pursued her LL.M. studies in Public International Law in Leiden University, having graduated in 2008. This year she has undertaken a lato sensu post graduation course in human rights at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, in São Paulo, Brazil. She currently practices as a lawyer in São Paulo and works as a teaching assistant of Professor Flávia Piovesan in the Human Rights subject.

Jessica Maeda Jerí (Lima, Peru, 1983)

I belong to a generation of Peruvians that grew up during the years of terrorist violence, when curfews and bombing cars were daily news. For twenty years my country suffered the consequences of an armed conflict, which caused serious social and economical repercussions, specially affecting the most vulnerable groups. Furthermore, the lack of stability brought within a terrible period in our history, with unprecedented records on corruption and continuous violations of Human Rights. I believe this context influenced me to study Public International Law more deeply.

During 2005 and 2006, I worked as an intern at the Institute of Democracy and Human Rights of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (known as IDEHPUCP), where I had the opportunity to work on Human Rights issues. I have also worked as a Teaching Assistant in different courses, like Public International Law (general course), Seminar on International Law and International Humanitarian Law, from which I discovered a new passion in teaching. Later on, in 2007, I decided to pursue a Master degree in Leiden University. From all the topics in Public International Law, I am most interested in International Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law.

However, after all this academic experience, I was ready and willing to improve my capabilities, complementing the knowledge that I got from years of study with real life situations. In other words, I needed to connected with reality.

Currently I am working at Proniño, a programme oriented to progressively prevent and eliminate child labour in my country. I have got an opportunity to work on development issues, to learn about the management of social projects and public policies. Somehow, I am now more “connected”. But I miss International Law, the many questions that came from its study. That´s why International Kaleidoscope comes as a perfect excuse to achieve a balance between my social interest with the academics.

Finally, I would like to say something about me: I love books, music, food and movies. I believe in living with passion and in learning from my daily experience, and I cannot imagine life without my family, my friends, my dog, Luchito Hernández´s poetry and Liniers in it.


2 Responses to About the project

  1. Harshan Athureliya says:

    I look forward to hearing the different voices which the International Kaleidoscope will offer to its audience. Best wishes.


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